FOTO: OČARALA FANOVE – Atraktivna pjevačica Žanamari u čipkastom donjem rublju

Žanamari Perčić (38), naša atraktivna pjevačica, osvojila je mnoge fotografijom u čipkastom rublju.

Fotografiju je objavila na Instagramu, a uz nju je napisala:

“Nikakve kamere na mobitelima ni mikrofoni ne mogu zabilježiti ove uspomene. Ne možete i nećete nam ih oduzeti! Možda pratite svaki trenutak u našim životima, slušate nas u privatnosti naših domova kako biste nam poslali reklame i čuli o čemu razgovaramo…

Ali nikad nećete znati tko smo mi zapravo, odakle dolazimo, koji su naši snovi… Nikad nas nećete kontrolirati! Bez obzira na to koliko se trudili”.

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★ Lucky 2K ★ Cheers to 2K insta posts 🥂 2000 happy and precious moments, but also thoughts and emotions that I’ve shared here with you guys… I’m so lucky to have such a great crowd here and to have made so many new beautiful friendships all around the globe. I love sharing but also seeing, liking and supporting so many unique people on here that I’d never meet if it wasn’t for this platform. I cherish all of you so much! *This photo was taken for a magazine cover, but it’s special to me ‘cause I’m surrounded with my childhood memories, all of my personal polaroids from my private albums. They’re turned upside down to represent a part of me that will remain private forever… Childhood should always stay private up until the moment child starts deciding for him/her self. At one point in life I decided to pursue music and had to face the fact that my life’s gonna be ‘very’ public from that moment on… I have no regrets, ‘cause being out there brought so many good things and great people in my life. The good always outweighed the bad, cause my senses numbed to any hater energy and negativity. Everyday I thank the universe for my life, my way of life and my decisions that brought me to where I am now… To my hubby who btw. took this photo :)… My handsome manly man that understands me to the core and supports my femininity in every way… And… who gave me my gorgeous baby girl… My heart is bursting when she says – Mom, I love you so much… She even learned the meaning of the word ‘proud’ recently and keeps saying to me how proud she is of me! Is there anything more precious in the world? It’s a sign I’m on the right path. Thank you all for being a part of my path with all your support and positive vibes ❤️ Ž #zanamari #artist

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