FOTO: RODILA KĆI – Pogledajte kako se zove malena Elle Dvornik

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Foto: Instagram
Foto: Instagram

Na Instagramu je Ella Dvornik objavila veliku novost svojim fanovima i javnosti – na svijet je donijela kćerkicu!

Uz fotografiju s malenom Ella je otkrila njezino ime i napisala:

“51 sat smo čekali dramatičan dolazak na svijet ovog malog stvorenja. I napokon je ovdje. Dame i gospodo… Balie Dee Dvornik-Pearce. Rođena 12.11.2017 u 01:34h ujutro”.

U privatnoj je klinici čekala porod šest dana.

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Hospital chic 😎 So guys :) seems like that baby shower was really exciting for me and the baby. I have felt nauseus the day later and threw up a lot. I called local hospital, they said it’s probably just flu not to worry, but something didnt feel right so i went to my private clinic. Everything seemed ok until last night when i felt contractions for the first time. Omg… i am soooooo having an epidural when time comes 😂 anyways contractions stopped so im just relaxing now in bed, they will keep a close eye on me. Last night was not fun at all. Mother nature is playing a very funny game with female bodies. I tried imagining before what it would feel like… but its like having 50 period cramps at once 😣😫 anyways all good now, but staying in the hospital for at least another day or two. Fingers crossed its not #scorpio 🙏 no offense 😂 i just get along better with #sagittarius 🤣 Baby is fine and STILL INSIDE the belly :)) and chubby-fat … lol. #hospital #37weekspregnant #37weeks #hospital #maternityward #bedrest #stillpregnant #pregnant

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